Fine Wine from the Finger Lakes Wine Trail

Wine Club

As a member of Castel Grisch’s private Wine Club, you’ll have the opportunity to sample, evaluate, and enjoy wines from the Finger Lakes Wine Trail shipped directly to your home or business. Our winery staff will make selections that will include new releases, as well as small and limited bottlings. Along with each shipment, we’ll be sure to include additional information that explains more about the wine, as well as our quarterly newsletter.

Once you become a member of our Wine Club, wines will be automatically shipped, four times a year. Typically the shipments (which consist of 2 bottles each) will be sent to you in 3 month increments: in February, May, August, and November.

With our bottles priced extremely reasonably between $10.00 and $25.00, the shipments will average $30.00; however shipping charges may vary depending on your location. Regardless, we will bill your MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. There is no membership fee, and a simple note to the winery will cancel your membership — making it easier for you to enjoy being a part of our Wine Club.

Here are some of the additional benefits that you’ll gain:

  • A personalized membership card
  • 15% discount on all quarterly wine selections
  • 20% discount on full or mixed case purchases
  • 25% discount on case purchases of quarterly selections (for one month)
  • 10% discount on all purchases in the Watkins Glen tasting room (wine and gift items)
  • 10% discount on all Castel Grisch Estate events
  • Invitation to special Wine Club “Members Only” parties and events
  • A quarterly newsletter

Please note: At this time, we can only accept members living in CA, NY, FL, MD, OH, NH, and NC.


White Wines

Chardonnay  ~  Sold Out

A mild dry wine dotted with essences of fruit and vanilla up front finishing with soft flavors of oak and pear. 0%RS

$6.50 Glass / $16 Bottle




Chardonnay Riesling

A delightfully light blend of Chardonnay and Riesling with delicate floral aromas and flavors of melon and citrus in the finish. 0.25%RS

$6.50 Glass / $16 Bottle




Fresh and breezy flavors of zesty lemons and apple blossoms. This Riesling is refreshingly thirst quenching and mild. 1%RS

$6 Glass / $14 Bottle




Rich tropical fruit collides with searing lemon-lime to create a racy and sharp palate, softened by a delicate sweetness on the finish. 1% RS

$6 Glass / $13 Bottle



Cayuga White

Exuberantly fruity and floral, this Cayuga has slight tones of candied peach and melon making for an easy drinking wine. 2.5%RS

$6 Glass / $13 Bottle 



Seneca Dream White

A sweet and mellow blend of Niagara and Delaware. Reminiscent of eating grapes right off the vine. 6%RS

Red Wines

$5 Glass / $10 Bottle / $18 1.5L Bottle


Red Wines

Baco Noir

A velvety dry red with sharp hints of spice and oak on the nose followed by an enticing black cherry palate and soft fruity finish. 0%RS

$6 Glass / $13 Bottle



Chancellor  ~  Sold Out

With bold tones of pepper and fruit, this medium bodied dry red makes for a comfortable and smoky dinner wine. 1%RS

$6 Glass / $13 Bottle



Estate Reserve  ~  Sold Out

A soft bodied blend of Chancellor and Chardonnay with flavors of chocolate and blueberries. Also recommended served chilled. 1%RS

$6 Glass / $13 Bottle 



Seneca Dream Red

A deep pink delicious wine filled with flavors of strawberry and grapefruit with a long delectable finish. 6% RS

Dessert Wines

$5 Glass / $10 Bottle / $18 1.5L Bottle


Dessert Wines

Vidal Blanc Iced

Bursts of honeyed apple, tangerine and spice. This wine has a striking acidity accompanied by a long piercing finish.

$8 (2oz) Glass / $30 Bottle (375ml)



Riesling Ice

Brimming with flavors of luscious stone fruit marked by a cool strike of lemon-lime. Silken and creamy.

$40 Bottle 


What are you waiting for? It’s time to join the club! If you would like to become a part of this incredible group, give us a call at 607-535-9614 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!